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April 3, 2020
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PEST CONTROL And Termite Treatments Sydney

Found Termite Help
Eating from the inside out, termite damage can be very substantial by the time it’s detected.  Annual termite inspections on your property by a qualified timber pest technician are highly recommended.Do not disturb the white ants . In this way we can treat the termite (white ants) in the most effective wayDon’t panic, just call your licensed Timber Pest inspector  If you find termites(white ants), they probably have been there for...
Termite Baits
Termite baiting is aimed at eliminating a termite colony in a safe non-invasive way. Registered termite baits available in Australia are Nemesis Termite Bait, Exterra Termite Bait and Sentricon Termite Bait. Termite baits in Australia - APVMA Registered  - pesticides and termite baits must be registered pursuant to legislation administered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority - APVMA - a Federal Government instrumentality. How termite baiting works: The termite bait...
Providing The Best Pest and Termites Inspection
At Termite safe Pest Control we are committed to providing the Best Service Guarantee that protects your home or business. Have your Home Treated with Termidor and GET A 3 YEAR WARRANTY. This prevents unwanted & unhealthy pests and damage caused by termites.Australia living is better with the a Termite Safe Home. We want you to know that when you call us for your pest control needs, we’ll be right there with our...
Useful Tips for Property Owners
Any cellulose based materials (wooden piles, wooden articles, cardboard boxes etc.) should not be stored in direct ground contact or underneath houses. These materials provide termites with an excellent food source and, in some cases may assist in creating an entry point for termites into your home.Do not have gardens,plants, trees,mulch or bark too close to the perimeter (walls) of your home. To avoid conducive conditions for timber pest, a...
A Pest Inspection is a Complete Visual Inspection
At termite safe we are committed to providing the Best Service Guarantee that protects your home or business. This prevents unwanted & unhealthy pests and damage caused by termites.We want you to know that when you call us for your pest and termite control needs, we’ll be right there with our highly trained Termite safe professionals, who know how to inspect your home, property or place of business thoroughly, evaluate...
General Pest Control
Whether you\'re struggling with a cockroach infestation, a spider infestation, mice, ants, or one of the many other common household...
Termite Inspection
Termitesafe offers termite inspections to existing home owners If you would also like information about Termites or a FREE QuotationCall 1300...
Termite Treatment
Termite or white ant infestations treatment and prevention in homes. Do you have termites in or around your home?Many insects...
Pest Control FAQ
Q-: How do I know if I have termites?A-: The only way you can be really sure that you don\'t...
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Termite infestations are our major focus as they can happen in a matter of weeks or even days.
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