Termite Baits

Termite baiting is aimed at eliminating a termite colony in a safe non-invasive way. Registered termite baits available in Australia are Nemesis Termite Bait, Exterra Termite Bait and Sentricon Termite Bait.

Termite baits in Australia - APVMA Registered  - pesticides and termite baits must be registered pursuant to legislation administered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority - APVMA - a Federal Government instrumentality.

How termite baiting works: The termite bait contains an insect growth regulator or IGR, which the termites readily eat and pass onto other termites in the central nest as part of their mutual feeding and grooming process.

The termite bait stops the termites from moulting there external skeleton - an essential part of their development and life-cycle.
A cascading lethal effect: The chemical prevents the termites from regrowing their external skeleton, resulting in the death of the termite. Termites cannibalize other dead termites thereby hastening the elimination of the entire colony.
When is it used: Where live activity is found we recommend that an above-ground termite bait station containing termite bait is positioned directly nest to live termites.

Regular monitoring: The above-ground termite bait stations are checked at 2 to 3 week intervals to assess levels of termite bait consumption by the termites. The termite bait is replenished as required. With sufficient consumption the entire termite colony can be eliminated. BUT remember that other termite nests may still infest the building.

BEWARE: Some unscrupulous pest control companies offer to install in-ground plastic stations as a termite "baiting" and monitoring program and you may be told it will stop your termite however the stataions are put 3 meters apart we recommend you first have a complete soil treatment to AS3660 (and much better) long term option.

Then you may wont to install them after a 6 months as a monitoring system.

REMEMBER: this strategy assumes the blind termites will "find" the monitoring stations, then and only then, is the termite bait added.

Many home-owners complain to us about such unscrupulous pest controllers.

The home-owners were lead to believe the termite "baiting" and monitoring plastic stations included the termite bait upon installation.

It doesn't. In fact, the termite bait is only added if the termites happen to find and infest the timber inside the in-ground stations.

The termites may infest the building, long before blindly finding the in-ground stations around the perimeter of the building.

In-ground monitoring stations may be an option where a complete soil treatment to AS3660 is impracticable, such as, with a home built on sandstone (no soil thereunder) or a terrace attached in a row of joined terraces or a ferry wharf, where a complete soil treatment to AS.3660 cannot be carried out. Each case must be assessed on it's merits.    
How do the Termite Baiting systems work ?    
Above-ground baiting of live termite activity found: An excellent initial strategy whereby the termite bait is immediately placed in an above-ground station and onto the timbers where termites are found feeding.

The termite bait is highly attractive to destructive termite species. This means termites readily feed on the termite bait, taking it back to the central as part of their mutual feeding and grooming process.

Termites cannot avoid what they cannot detect: Registered termite baits are designed so that the IGR chemical cannot be detected by the termites. They do not know were the deadly effect is coming from.

The insect growth regulator active ingredient stops the termite colony being able to reproduce as the Queen termite becomes affected and dies. The termite bait is replenished or refreshed periodically.

In-ground termite bait stations are inspected regularly for evidence of live termite activity therein.
Once termites find and infest the timber in the plastic station THEN the termite bait is added and therafter replenished about every 2 to 3 weeks.

With enough termite bait consumed the termite colony collapses, particularly if the Queen is affected and dies.    

In-ground monitoring of termite activity: If live termites cannot be located, special in-ground monitoring stations can be placed either in the soil, through concrete or under pavement at strategically important points around a building. These stations can be inspected on a regular basis at intervals of approximately 2 to 3 months.

Regular inspections are essential: It is strongly recommended that regular 3 monthly or 6 monthly house inspections are also carried out by your pest controller if your house/property is assessed to be at moderate to high risk of a termite infestation.

Termite Monitoring: When the termite colony has been eliminated, the termite bait is removed and new timber inserts are put into place. The monitoring system then continues to provide an opportunity to detect termites foraging in the soil close to structures.

Several months to gain control ? termite baiting may take several months to completely eliminate a termite colony even in favourable circumstances. However, in ideal circumstances termite baiting can be reasonably expected to greatly reduce the rate of timber consumption by the termite colony within one month after the termites begin to consume the termite bait.

With sufficient termite bait being consumed it is virtually certain the colony will be eliminated in the medium term, but not always.

Additional system features: The termite bait system features stations that are opened by a special tool. The active ingredient of the termite bait is securely contained below ground. The active ingredient has extremely low toxicity to humans and pets.

The termite plastic station is especially designed low profile permanent fixture for insertion in concrete pathing around the perimeter of a house.

To find out what are the protection options you have for your property or Book an Inspection Call us on 1300 822 800

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Termite infestations are our major focus as they can happen in a matter of weeks or even days.
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