Termite Inspection

why you need a termite inspection

Home inspections

No system is perfect.

Termite Inspections are designed to detect early signs of termites from gaining hidden access into you home.

It is essential that you REGULARLY INSPECT your home for any evidence of termite activity.

This is your responsibility as the home-owner. Prevention is better than cure!

How you inspect your home depends on whether it is built on a concrete slab-on-ground or on a suspended floor.

Some systems may require regular professional inspections to maintain their warranties.

An ANNUAL inspection, whether it is done by a licensed pest controller or by yourself (if you know what to look for)

Should include: inspection of all potential entry points to timber structures inspection of all termite barriers for any bridging or breaching by termites, building trails of mud or ‘galleries’ across those barriers inspection around perimeter weepholes (the open vertical joints in the brickwork that allow water out) in brick walls just above concrete slabs or just below suspended floors inspection for wood and other possible food for termites around the perimeter of the concrete slab or under timber floors.

(You should never stockpile timber or firewood under your home or near external walls.)

If you think you have seen Termites in your home or yard then you are possibly correct.

What should you do?

Check you do not have any of these conditions.

Sub-floor , leaks beneath the floors of the wet areas such as bathrooms, laundry, toilets.

Timber Fences has mud lines and is damaged, do you have any trees and stumps on the property.

If you do it is best that you remove these risks as soon as possible.

If you are unsure or suspect that termites are in your yard you should get a Professional Inspection.
A termite inspection carried out by a licensed technician and according to the Australian Standards AS 3660 & AS 4349.3 will give you a thorough report on the condition of your home.
It will tell you:
If you have termites & the extent of any damage.
If you have had any old termite damage.
If your home is susceptible to attack & what steps you need to take to remove this threat.

Give you peace of mind & a guarantee that your home is Termite safe.
Termites can cause tens of thousands of dollars $$$ worth of damage to your home.
Inspecting your home yearly will be a whole lot cheaper!

We are working in your local area and can give you a FREE Quoatition call us on 1300 822 800.


King and Queen Termites REPRODUCTIVES:
The King and Queen termite are central to any vibrant termite colony, with the Queen acting as an egg-laying machine producing between 2,000 and 3,000 eggs per day. The Queen can live for 25 years. The King and Queen are formed from A'lates (winged termites) when a new nest is formed.
Alates Termite (Swarmer) A'LATES:
A'Lates are darker coloured, winged, reproductive's that fly from the nest in their thousands, eager to establish a new colony. Because A'Lates are poor flyers they generally only fly some 50 – 100 metres from the parent nest. As such when observing flying A‘Lates you can generally assume a termite nest is near-by. A'Lates form an airborne termite swarm when establishing new colonies.
Soldier Termite SOLDIERS:
The soldier caste protects the colony from invasion by other insects. Soldier termites excrete a substance which repels the termite's enemies and can crush them as well. Soldier termites are fed and groomed by the workers as they are unable to feed themselves.
Working Class Termite WORKERS:
This caste provides all of the labour for the colony including searching for and collecting food, feeding all other castes and immature's, grooming others within the colony, cleaning, maintenance and building for the colony. Workers digest the cellulose and funghi in wood and feed the other castes by oral and anal secretions.
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Termite infestations are our major focus as they can happen in a matter of weeks or even days.
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